How to add three components to this block

I want to check three component, (title, description & img ) of native ad with this block, if any of them is empty after loading ad, then i want the ad to load again…

but how to put all three like this - If getTtile or getImge or get descrpiton is empty then… load ad again
or i have to use any other block ?

basicallyi f any of them is empty i will load ad again.
if somone knows, plz show blocks


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You should use and and not or Logic - Kodular Docs




Place the same [ ()or()] block inside a blank…
I mean
Sorry I can’t provide you blocks… Little concentration and you will understand

is it correct ?/

No it’s wrong

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can you tell me the right way ?

You should use these blocks at the right place where these variables are defined.

BTW this is right

are you talking about the red crosss signs ? i set aside this for block for sending purposes, otherwise it was connected to its parent block

Yes it is

Btw, sorry for my last post, i should learn to read the whole thread before answering



it’s perfectly right…


lmao what is going on :rofl:

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