How to Add / Write Urdu in kodular App

Hi, can anyone tell me how to add urdu extension or write urdu in jameel noori nastaleeq font … Basically my app is a Poetry app & connected with Airtable , & all data is loaded in airtable but i want to show urdu poetry in professional urdu fonts So can anyone help me…:pleading_face::pray:t2:

Upload the font in Font Typeface Import

Urdu font ?

Upload Urdu Font Or Just Copy Any Urdu Text From Any where and past it in label text etc whatever you want as i already use in my app.

Where is this option…?

In my app i have created a profile system in which user can upload their shayri in all 3 languages urdu, hindi and english but for this purpose i am using my sql database…for other shayri’s m using airtable

I want to show urdu poetry in jameel noori nastaleeq fonts

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So just upload your font.

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you have to upload the urdu font to your assets. Then you can select if from the drop-down. Its simple

I downloaded the font for you.
you just need to upload this file to your assets, and then you will be able to see it in the font typeface import property.
Jameel Noori Nastaleeq (7.0 MB)