How to append multiple Rows in google sheets?

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My Question:- How to append multiple Rows in google sheets?

I want to append multiple rows in google sheets without any Extension with the help of apps script.

i saw all the guides but these guides won’t help me

because i need to get array data from
the parameter

e.parameter.arrayData this is the string type function but the app script want array only

See here:


This method is slow i use

getRange(…).setValues(Here Is My Array Value Called By Parameter);

Parameter =
So the code is this simple

My array values = [["1","2","3"],["4","5","6"],["7","8","9"]]

But the setValues method want on arrayData only not string like this:-


I want to know that, How to convert string data in arrayData? So i can implement it in my code.

Use JSON.parse (as shown in my script!!) to convert a stringified set of values to an array object.

Just to correct you, this is a string, not an “array” (object)

This got work :heart: @TimAi2

Thanks Buddy.

This Method got worked by @TimAi2

Thanks again.

This is the solution for this topic by @TimAi2

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