How to ask update on google play store?

i have published app on google play store in past time then i have updated version published on google play store but not asking on google play store for update version

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Do you want to update your app on :google_play:

I have already published my app on Google Play Store then updated my then second time published on Google Play Store so my mobile device in old version but Google Play Store in not showing for update

You can use these blocks
blocks (8)

To get these blocks you can go to account settings and turn on experimental Components
I can’t give a guarantee that these blocks will work

i have all ready used this block but not ask and popup for update app during app start.

this not working my app

To work this method, app must be published on play store.

And most important thing, when u test it from your device, old version of your app should be downloaded and installed from play store.

If old version was installed with package installer then this will not show app update dialog.

And also, this component is in experimental category, it will not work properly in some cases.