How to automatically add and calculate age (in months) based on the Birthdate and Date of Weighing Picker?

Here are the blocks:

Here its the code. how can i automatically calculate it?

Your Post block looks incorrect…
See here for a correct one: App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps alternatively try to submit a directory (tag/value pairs)


Could you tell me can I do to correct my post block?

it does not look like you followed the link to my example… why not?
just look at my example link or use directory blocks


how can I automatically calculate the age in months? Please help me build blocks

your php script is already doing it…
or do you like to translate that php code into blocks?
in case of yes, then a good starting point is this guide


Hello. Sorry, I still don’t get the right blocks to calculate age (in months). Still confused. I already read the link but still don’t get the right formula tho.