How to block pop-up ads in my website for my app's users?

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use Ad Guard Blocker in Chrome Extension
here is link

Give me any good suggestion if u hv…i want to block popup ads in Webview app…not in browser

the only thing i have used in past was disable follow links for properties then webwiew will not open anything else, but if you want to use website features too, then i dont know about that, maybe some one else have any suggestions

Maybe possible using JavaScript

are you saying, you like to display other people’s content in your app without their approval? And not only this, you like to replace their ads with your own ads? Do you really think this is considered fair use?



Who says i use other’s content ? i also hv my own websites m using my own website in Webview…

then you are the one who can modify your webpage to hide the ads while displaying them in your app


Yes but i need popup ads for browser users…dnt want popup for app…thts y m asking

it is your own webpage, so you can do anything you like, for example you could pass a flag while opening the webpage in the app and depending on that flag display the ad or not… probably you also can do something using CSS…
this is a webpage programming question… what about asking in a Html / CSS / JavaScript forum?



Its popup ads yr…i dnt hv issue with AdSense banner ads…

if it is your own webpage, also you can do anything you like as mentioned earlier…