How to... Button click to show Inter Ad and Open Screen?


I want to set the function of a botton but I can’t get it work.

I want that when the button (red) is pressed:

1 - The Interstitial Ad opens.

2 - When closing the ad, open “Screen7”.

The ad loads when the screen starts (green) and also when it closes (blue).

What am I doing wrong?

Firstly it’s not a good option to open screen when ad closed.
Think about that if some chances the ad is not open so it will not closed so screen is not opening .

And it is not a fancy text competition write fairly your title. Don’t add inappropriate symbols in title

All the reason, perhaps what I ask is more like:

1 - Click the button.

2- Show Interstitial Ad.

3 - If the Ad has been shown, open Screen7.
If the Ad has not been shown, open Screen7

¿it’s better? ¿How can I do it?