How to call value of one cell from airtable to add it to initialize global

how can i call value of one cell from airtable to add it to inilialzie global?
I want this cell a1212321

If anyone know how ,please help me.

in the definition set the variable to 0 and use the GotCell event to set the global variable to the desired value Spreadsheet - Kodular Docs

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Did it work?

If it does work please mark

As solution.
Because @Soham_Shah solution is the same as taifun’s

He wanted as per blocks as he’s a beginner and look at his previous post one can understand he needs to refer to blocks

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So what? :thinking:

That’s why I had posted blocks and by the way its on user whose post he might find more easy to get help

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Oh ok. But still, @taifun solution posts first, so he got the solution tick.

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Yeah i agree that taifun had posted the solution first and mine solution is same to taifun but he finds it easier to comprehend using blocks so he made my post as solution and not’s let just argue in the topic

It’s fine. :smiley:

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