How to change Cardview items position

Hi guys,

A part of my app is about showing some Cardview items. Data are taken from Airtable. There’s a “favorite” button in each card and the idea is when you click on “favorite” it put the item in the top of the list (same screen) of the user device (not changing Airtable data, only the user’s data). How can I do that?

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Because I have thought it got a very long text and that’s why I hadn’t got any answer. Could you delete the other one, of course, if I am not asking for something quite hard to be done?

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Hi @joaopedro_bpv,

I don’t have more experience about Cardview maybe because there are more Cardviews Extensions created by different developers. I know there is one Cardview component in Kudolar.

However, anyway you must make “Variable” as list of Cardviews organized as well as them shown on your app to know how to resort them again.

I told you to use Variable because I think there is no blocks in Cardview for resorting.

I hope you understand what I am talking about.