How to change column number dynamically with dynamic list

Plz guide

in the componentName do MakeroidCardView instead the D1_Card block

Seems I am unable to explain my query properly.

I am making dynamic list.

1st list details are from column no 11 of different sheet (Say Sheet1)
2nd list details are from column no 12 of Sheet1
20th list details are from column no 30 of sheet

From above blocks I am able to create list but unable to understand how can I will be able to move column.

Hope now it’s more clear…

will this help - [FREE] Component tools extension

Not sure but will check that. Right now not on system.

phase.aix use

Thx Profile - hajare571 - Kodular Community unable to find it…

@all readers I am new to all these coding plz give link and ref atleast to read and practice…

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Thx Profile - - Kodular Community for finding the ways but it’s not helping me. May be I am doing some thing wrong…

This is where I am stucked…

For 1st time it should select column11
For 2nd time it should select column12
For 3rd time it should select column13

Like so…