How to change Header Image size in SideMenu ? also decrease gaps between Groups

Actually i havn’t found this answer from our community so asking in Discussion.

is there any way to title Groups in SideMenu ? also , can we change Header Image size or can we disable header image ? and line between groups is too thick. can i change it to desired height and width ?

By a number.

Not sure, I don’t think so.

Just don’t put any image.


So we have learnt from these answers that it is the best to make a custom side menu :wink:


thank you for early reply @Mateja .

here is the catch -

  1. Groups sorted by number’s - i done it but problem is to title them ( title groups )
  2. thank you about header size
  3. By not putting header image it remains unfill only . ( there is still Blank space for image )
  4. thank you for suggestion on gap.

As per your requirement you can create a custom side bar, As I Created for my project and you can customise it as per your required theme of app.

Namaskar @Sentinel bhau

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