How to change package name of app?

My name is Sergio and I have developed some applications with App Inventor.

Recently I have known Kodular and I appreciate its advantages.

Now I am trying to convert my App Inventor applications to Kodular.

In Google Play Store I had some problems for example the digital signature, that was solved by uploading the Keystrore file.

Now the problem in Google Play Store presents another problem, the name of the application. For example if my application is called X.

The name in Google Play is shaped like this appinventor.ai_myname.X

And the name of the same application made with Kodular is like this


My query is how I can solve this name conflict.

Thank you in advance for your answers. Sergio.

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Welcome, you can change package name of app in screen1 , in properties you will find package name change option just paste your old package name there and done

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On screen1 go to properties, in advance you can find package name, just change that to required name


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Thank You samiu8336 !

Yes! Thats Work!

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Welcome …

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