How to change some values in index.html loaded in webviewer

i have one index.html page in asset.

i have loaded in webviewer , & it shows page ok.

can some one give me idea how can i change some value’s in that html in regular time interval?

With set webviewsting block fire events in javascript and update dom through JavaScript

Thanks for idea.
i find some some example related with web viewer string change.

I tried this example & works fine.( block & html page image included.)
it has one text box.
when i press send button, it will collect data from textbox
& show in webviewer.

Now i want to collect data from 2 different textbox,
i dont know how to implement that?

block webviewer1.gohome, according to details, everytime reload page when call.
is there any method which support ajax.

You can get any value in js by referencing id or classname.
You want textbox value from app or html file

i want to update html page by getting value from text box.
text box can be more then one.

Those textbox are in app or html file

textbox are in app

Then join all textbox text with any string like # and setWebViewString with this string.
In html file whenever getWebViewString then split this string nand you get array of textbox text and use it

ok, way is perfect.

web viewer go home block , always reload page.

any idea to pass vales without reload complete html page.

This always reload page