How to change the chrome custom tab url with firebase value

Hi Makers,
actually my issue is i want to change the chrome custom tab url with fire base value after click on a button

and here are the value’s

here are my blocks

and this is the msg i got when i click on a button first time

And this what i got after clicking on that button second time

In the first time, you may missed at link.

The requested address (/KlxXw) was not found in this server.

So make sure of this value above.

And in second time, it seems you used an ActivityStarter, And you didn’t use it correctly.

Did you set Packagename to Chrome package (e.g:…) at blocks section of ActivityStarter before you do StartActivity ?

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No i did’nt used the activity starter can you make a aia for me pls

Use block in this way. @Vio_Inc

I already tried this but i will try one more time coz new update of makeroid has been launched with bug fixes