How to change the size of the simulator

How can I make this phone smaller? (HTC Nexus)

Select the device on which you would like to view.


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I know. I mean
How to make a big screen phone look small

Try zooming out on your Browser.

But that will also make the other Elements on Screen to look smaller.

Yes true. I remember that in the past, only the simulator was shown small in a video.

First of all, the point of using the big screen is to test your app on a larger screen,
So i don’t why you would like to reducing the size.

Try adjusting browser size as @ADDYLIN suggested or try this -

Click on the arrows at the palette and the components column.

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When I use a large screen, I have to constantly scroll. I wanted to make it a little smaller.

Exactly, then reduce the browser size if you need a bigger screen.

Then change the device size, if you do not wish to reduce browser size


Ok. Thank u for reply