How to check between 2 dates?

I dont know hindi… Ok, in your gsheet just create one more colum at the end of your all colum like this… this col will convert all dates into numbers

and in app create one procedure there by inital and final date are converted into numbers… by using this number ony we are going to filter values…

Ok? understand?

let me show the app side

and in app just set this as url{your_Sheet_ID}/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&sheet={Sheet_Name}&tq=Select A,B,C where E >= getglobalstart_date and E<= get global end_Date


this event can be triggered by a click or like this

thats all foks… your data is ready to come from gsheet after filtering


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nothing yet

has no result


check this aia… i have added such thing and works well… also no need of multiple global variables… Only one alone is enough

(unable to upload the aia here, let me share my gdrive link)


Updated @Alisson_Silva

Test it and let me know

OK friend

almost everything right
on the second date
I put it on the day in the table
but don’t show up
I add another 2 to 3 days and then he’s on the list

06 - 01/10/2023

return only from the 07th


TM i will check it


I think some error in date format for kodular value
it counts -3 on dates
how is it possible?


What about providing some relevant blocks, the result you expect and the result you get instead?


just try this method… change the date format into yyyy-MM-dd and try this aia

no issue… working fine

sample url to tst it… just change the date in the url and hit

Sheet1 A,B,C where C>=date ‘2023-01-07’ and C<=date ‘2023-01-10’

Controle_Palito_Doce_beta(1).aia (2.3 MB)

after changing the date format test the aia… delete the datevalue colum


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pls make a changes here inorder to work. Just now tested and corrected these to get exactly the filtered values
Do not give any extra space, it will not work… earlier i encountered with problem due to one extra space and it takes lot of time to recognise it…


denied my friend

no results


i am testing in your aia only i am seeing the results exatly

See the response

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friend, you asked to remove the spaces
oh it didn’t work
when I put it on it worked

let’s continue with the project



1 Like B,A,Sum(F) Where H>=date’2023-01-07’and H<=date’2023-01-10’group by B,A

friend in this command line

how could add only items selected by date


you are going deeper into deeper… First celare yoruself with waht you want…

Do You want data between two dates or data for selected dates? also you are continuing inanother one topic… pls more precise what you want… do not make me to spend time with your project by tagging multiple times…

OK friend

I’ll open a topic about it

data for selected dates

Thank you for your help

i dont think you can call at a same time this query, based on lopp method only you have to call upon one by one on selected dates… there is no query option to call up on multiple dates … call by specific date or range of date only avaliable

friend how do i get back the date dd-MM-yyyy
in the list view

she is yyyy-MM-dd

I already made several changes and nothing

Good Morning

How do I add hours from sheets

can you help me


Yes but still more i need explanation

let’s go
I have a sheet in column A 1234A
Column B 06:54:41
Column C 05:15:12
Select Column A with 1234A and sum the hours of the other columns related to Column A.