How to check if dynamic object exists

The lists have a method for testing if a “thing” IS A list or not (the same goes for dictionaries).

The dynamic objects (Card View, Label etc.) have “Delete” methods, but so far I haven’t found a way to check if a dynamic object exists or not. Example:

  • I’ve created a Card View (holding other dynamic child objects)
  • later I’ve deleted it (and the child objects as well)
  • more later at some point I’d like to check if my Card View exists or not

When I try to delete an already deleted dynamic object , run-time error is thrown. When I try to compare the “thing” gotten by grabbing my deleted Card View via its ID, I get other run-time error saying that “nothing” cannot be compared (I don’t know if exists NULL comparison in this language).

Of course there is possible to add a global variable to track the status of the root object of my dynamic object tree, but maybe I’m missing a better way to do that.


if you are Using yusufcihan Dynamic Component Extension Then -

With This Block You Can Verify All Your Dynamic Components Present With Their ID’s
component_method (1)


Thank you for the information. At present I’m learning to use the core product.

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How can i check a card view exist or not. If I am not using any extension. I am using dynamic card view.


  • I have let’s say a CreateMyObjects method for creating a specific set of dynamic objects
  • I have let’s say a DeleteMyObjects method for deleting one by one the members of the exact same set of dynamic objects

I’m adding a global variable MyObjectsStatus initialized with boolean false, and then:

  • at the end of the CreateMyObjects method I’m setting MyObjectsStatus to boolean true
  • at the begininng of the DeleteMyObjects method I’m setting MyObjectsStatus to boolean false

Now I can check the MyObjectsStatus global variable where needed.

This is not a good programming practice, but it works in my use case (pagination of long image list).

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