How to check if user is using latest version of my app?

I want to check if the user is using latest version of my app or not. For that I have used Firebase and in value I have entered the new version name. Now in my app I have added if statement so if its not the latest version then it will show an update your app dialog. But my problem is I tried to change my app version using APK editor tool and changed the old version to the latest version which I uploaded in Firebase. Now the app is not showing update your app dialog and it is working properly. Is there any solution for this?

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Check this post its help you

Thanks for replying but please read my question properly. I know how to check for updates…That is not the problem

its working after your package name is same

Use firebase database…
Make a tag naming version… Store latest version code as value…
When screen initialises call for value
When got value compare value with the version of app… [block available on screen properties ]

Why no one is reading my question carefully? I clearly said I know how to check for updates, that’s not the problem. If a user tried to modify the app and changed the app version to the latest then the app doesn’t show update your app dialog. So it means that user has not updated the app and just modified the app version from APK editor or any other tool. This is my question…

Instead of version code you can use a complex combination of alphabets and numbers to make up the app’s version name which will change every time you release a new update, for eg. 1.23AW.45BTW
This way your users will never know what’s the next version name is going to be. :wink:

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Now you can use some funny idea…
Make an hidden level… Set level. Text to your apps actual version code…
Get value from firebase and compare with level…
Now if a user change version code using apk editor it doesn’t matter :thinking:

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Ohh LoL nice idea …:joy: Thank you so much

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Thank you for the brilliant idea

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