How to close the current screen and open another screen

how to close the current screen and open another screen…

sir , please help ?

And what is the question?!?

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See at this topic:

(!You also have to specify what is true when you use an if…then block)

You must replace close screen block with open another screen block

Sir I’m making an informational app .
And there is 42 horizontical arrangement in screen 2 and every arrangement are having a web viewer.
So that data HTML file can be load by using html extension.(Taifun extension)
And in Screen 1 there is 3 vertical scrollable arrangement .
Having approx 100 buttons in all.

So the problem is when I just complete the project
And test it via companion testing mode .
When I clicks on the button it redirect me in second screen and also loads the html file.
But if I continuously opens 5 -8 buttons and back on 1 screen.
Then after that screen 1 buttons doesn’t work.
it just shows a blank white screen.

Even using proper screen closing and opening another screen block on screen 2 back pressed.
In the second screen I’m not just opening the screen 1.
First of all I’m closing the current screen and after that I’m opening the screen 1.

Everything is right but even though the app is not responding in just of using 2 minutes.

Please help please ?

…if you want an OOM.

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Sorry? What do you mean?

When I minimize then everything ok and after resume my application crash.what this problem???

Open a new topic. How hard is it?

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In this video I have blocked for the same

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