How to code complex formula?


What is the best way to code a complex mathematical formula in Kodular? Writing a for loop seems very cumbersome.


Explain a bit more.

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Show your formula, experts will help you

An example is, EMI calculation for a loan, with a fixed interest rate - want to show monthly out-go. And more importantly, provide a way to top-up, which will automatically adjust principle amount, thus reducing EMI from the following month. And want to display the content month by month until the end of the tenure in a table.

this is just logical maths operation only. If we sit and think easily can be achievable or better can use any extension like,

or you can find api also in some cases, (not tested-got from google search)

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Well, as you asked for example and I gave EMI as one. The one above is a very specific solution and extensions for EMI. What I was asking is, without extension, what are the best possible ways to implement similar complex calculations and yet capture each step for user in a periodic table.

Store the value to be readjusted in a Database.

When there is readjustment, calculate with the blocks and update the user database.

Simple example :
Store the value of the installment, expiration date and the number of the installment.


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