How to compare two dates by using clock component?

i want to campare between two dates
Ex: 29/01/20 and 10/02/20
I want to known how many days are there between two dates

there is a method for that with clock component,
but for simple you can use extension by @vknow360

i don’t want any extension. i want to use clock component

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for that you need instant of clocks, not just dates. so first you you have to make instant from dates and then find difference between them, by using these blocks,

for making an instant.

component_method (16)

for find difference,

component_method (15)

for more details on them visit,


I tried this

the value is getting -548


date Should be MM/dd/YYYY , (01/20/2020)


Thank you so much Friend :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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