How to connect IP Camera in an application?

Hello guys!! I need some help is there anyone know how to link your ip camera in your application? Or is it possible? Because when i linked it’s just blanked or not playing. Thank you!

The cameras don’t connect through a web address?
If you put that web address in a Webview, can’t you see it?

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Yes i tried putting web viewer and a video player on it it doesn’t show either. I tried tutorials from YouTube but it doesn’t work is there any solution on this? :(((

Maybe someone can help you more if you provide what you already tried.

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This is what i saw in other Tutorials in YouTube. My IP Cam doesn’t have a IP so ii’m using ONVIF Device to know the IP my cam

And this is what showing when i tried it.
PS were connected in the same wifi. And i created a static IP for my laptop

But what I say is use a WebViewer.


Doesn’t work as well :(((, i tried putting my IP Cams IP Address on an HTML it’s still not showing.

What about setting video player source to the url? Try that and see if it works.