How to connect random integer to airtable, need blocks

Searched in community with every possible keyword. Want to get random text on label from airtable column. Here is block

I don’t understand what you want to do with Airtable.

From what I see in the image, you want to make a word by randomly mixing 5 letters. But you’re going to get a nonsense word, just the sum of 5 letters.
I don’t see any Airtable blocks there.

What do you do with airtable?
What column do you have in airtable?
Do you get the words out of there?
If you get the words from airtable, why do you create an alphabet list variable?

To get a word by mixing 5 letters you can do this:

But I don’t understand what you do with airtable. You could explain a little better.

Hi, thanks for reply.
The image i posted is just a practical image that i was trying. ignore image.
Actually i want to know blocks of getting random data on a label from airtable columns. I will fill column in airtable this type data - CR123456789IN, so let me know blocks when screen Intialise everytime label should get random cell data from a column.