How to connect the spinner to another spinner? and paste the value of it one label only?

Hello, I am trying to make a bus booking app. One of my main goal is to automatically put the price in a label after choosing the branch and route. In order to do that, I really want to know how to connect the two and place its value. Help me please huhu

This my first try and it still didn’t work

Use route.selection instead of route


The block you placed is not a property of the Spinner Route element. It does not return the value selected in Spinner Route.
As mentioned above by @Tekwizer , you need 2 values returned by 2 spinners. These values are in the Selection parameter. In the After Selecting event of the Route spinner, take this value ( Selection ) and place it in a variable. Then in the Spinner Branch After Selecting Event put this variable to be compared with the value “Calbayog”.


I tried it but still, it didn’t work :cold_sweat:

What have You tried ?

This ?

Yes. This is what I did. Correct me if I am wrong :sweat_smile:

Try something like this, for both spinners Use Prompt is enabled

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From the image, I don’t think you did what I suggested.
I passed the algorithm.:+1:
And now you have ready-made blocks posted above

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