How to Control Motor using Android Raspberry Pi?

I Found one more way to Control Motors using Android Headphone Jack Cable Without any MicroController.

but I Don’t know How to Develop Custom App using Kodular/AI. to Control That.

Here is Complete Procedure & Videos & Android app developed by

Here is Android Source Shared by GlueMotor:
“If anyone help using this source how to develop this app in Kodular then we can customise it as per our requirement.”

@Taifun can you help as always?

I will try this Solution aswell. If Unable to control motors as expected.

I also made a solution similar to that with module LM386 and Arduino UNO:

Also Got One more Idea using Android Device, without any external microcontroller.

Make app to Control Mobile “FLASH LIGHT” & Remove Flash and make connection to Motor & Add Power Support for Motor.
After That When “Flash is ON” Motor will Rotate
& When “Flash is OFF” Motor will Stop Rotating.

Testing Soon… I’will share Result. if this works it will be Great. Then we can use other 3keys to trigger different actions.

Another idea, with LDR.

App draws circles with background fill color Black or White. A LDR over Screen of device, when circle is black LDR high ohm, when circle is white LDR low ohm.

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No, its not college project.

What is learning?
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