How to Convert a layout into a button to redirect to another Screen?

It turns out that I have a vertical layout that contains two components inside, but what I want is to convert the layout into a button to redirect to another screen, will there be any extension for it?

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Make it clickable and when layout is clicked do whatever you want.

Due to errors, arrangements are not full clickable. Make each button clickable in VA and copy VA’s event into them.

to procedure do {
<!--do something-->
When VA.Click {
call proc}
When Btn1.Click {
call proc}
When Btn2.Click {
call proc}

Can you explain to me by blocks because I don’t understand that

ya somedays ago it also happened with me but then i did the same easy peasy

I don’t understand, work like this with code

Make a procedure that is carried out after your click (Open another screen in your case). Then make the arrangement clickable and all the components within that component as well. Then in the blocks, put the procedure in the block ‘When arrangement click do procedure’ and do the same with each component.