How to copy & Replace file

You can use this extension…


Try using Device Utilities Component

You give me a text copy extension. I need to copy a full folder. Can i copy and replace the old file with that extension?

I don’t understand what problem you could have doing it. May be because I never tried, but I think you just have to copy the file you want to a temporary file, then check if in destination page there is a file with same name. If yes, delete the file with equal name in destination folder and paste the file you copied.

Did you try it? If yes, what happened?

If you want to do something like a file manager then please try to use TinyDb or their may be a good extension for file management. I guessed. So Please search on the Community and Google this thing. I have no idea more than that.

Thank You so much.

You can also use this extension

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Ooos, I am coping a folder not file

Yes but the problem is when there Is already a file in the folder with the same name, right?

Yes, I need to replace that file with new file from new folder. Suggest me how to do it

Have tried this…! Check out this extension and see if not works then let me know…

Use SAF extension

I have a folder name “test”. there is some file in that folder. I am downloading a folder from server. then I need to copy downloded folder & replace “test” folder insides file . Not all file , just the file with same name. Suggest me how to do it. This extension not doing that

give link please

You can use this extension also…

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  • Zip the folder “test” →
  • upload to your server (webspace)
  • downlowd the zip file ( in a specific (sub-) folder (e.g. “myFolder”) in the ASD (using my DownloadToASD ext.)
  • unzip the zip file and then
  • copy / move all files to the into the folder “test” using one of the file extensions (from @Taifun or @vknow360)

In this way, all existing files with the same name are replaced (and new ones inserted if necessary).

In order to be able to see these files (from the ASD) on devices with Android 11+ via the device, copy / move them to one of the Shared folders (in the external storage, e.g. /Download).

I have same name file in test folder. Now it is not copying or replacing. Can you tell me how can i do it

Take a close look at the steps (shown by me) and follow them.

Bruh, I am testing it offline. Can you show me how to copy or move a folder? I need to move folder not file

The existing folder “test” contains 3 files:

  • file1.pdf
  • file2.pdf
  • file3.pdf

The new (to be downloaded folder “test”, zipped and unpacked in a sub-folder “myFolder”) contains the following files:

  • file1.pdf
  • file3.pdf
  • file4.pdf

So only these two files in the folder “test” should be replaced:

  • file1.pdf
  • file3.pdf


If so, create 2 lists (global variables): listMyFolder and listTest and get the lists items using TaifunFile ext (.FileList method) and then
before copying / moving check

for each item in list -> listMyFolder
   if isInList? thing item list -> listTest
   then copy / move

But it seems that you are still a beginner, so contact @Taifun who may help you further (for a small fee). Taifun helped me many times when I started working with AI2.
He is a master (not least in dealing with lists).

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