How to copy selected text from webview

I want to copy the text selected by users and want to use it for some purpose but please tell me how can i do this.

I don’t think we need more details to understand.
My question is direct that wehn user selects text from webview
like you have did earlier whenever you use a browser you search for a information and then you simply copy the part you want and save it in the notes.
I want the selected text to be saved in my browser as tags that will target ads.
So please help me
Every answer will be appreciated by me.
thank you

its not possible

These blocks, available under Device Tools component, might be helpful. :point_down:

know bro he say copy text from webview and paste it to another place where he want

No matter from where you are coping the text, the .Paste block will return the last copied text.


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