How to copy the value using javascript evaluate?

Hello guys

I am using web_viewer and I want to copy the value using javascript_evaluate block somebody help me please.

Hi Memu,

If I’m not mistaken, there are already blocks in the Device Utilities component that can copy and paste text (Utilities category). Is this what you want?

i want to copy value from website using webviewer component through javascript evaluate block.

You’re most likely not allowed to do this as this is scraping the web, and you most likely cannot do that as per their Terms of Service. Why not use the LocationSensor component instead?

LocationSensor is kinda slow it would take more than 5 mins to fetch location info.

Read the ToS Terms of Service -


You shall not attempt to use any software, programs, robots, spider or any other methodology whether it is manual or automatic to obtain any material, copy, modify, redistribute, reverse engineering, transfer, decode or derive the source code, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, reproduce, republish any content of this website to any other server, website or computer without’s prior written consent.

So show us their written consent and then someone mjght be able to help…


Thanks Taifun for reply but my app is based on location which only available for specific location users. So google map component stop working and location sensor is slow to fetch location info.