How to Count download?

Hello friends
How can I calculate my download?
Download is added we in one row should be download in different rows but from me is shown in one row.
mistake my block :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
How to fix this Problem??

  • Table

  • Block

Was the download colum having download link? What is happewgen screen initi?

Yes download

Use Do it on start value and post a screenshot

check aia file

Is your download option working with screen initialise? Mostly it will do good with button click .

If user press button to view in custom tab ,may be you can use the set value block , i mean get value +1 to save the downloaded value

Post a screenshot of how you set start value in Screen1

Screen 1 all block

  1. block

Screen 2 all block
2. block

Id is actually row number, so save it to list and when screen2 initialize get it from start value and use it as row number


I did not understand to say a little more clearly :no_mouth:

How use

I pm you your aia, see what happens in airtable when switcing screens

thanks broo
work me

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how to add new label?

in this dynamic custom card?
help me dora_paz

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