How to Count downloads using airtable?

How to count number do downloads occurred using airtable…
I have created a wallpaper app and would like to know the download count…

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What problem you are facing ?

You can add a column in airtable that counts the downloads. Every time someone downloads something, in DownloadComplete you update that value, you add a +1

For that you have to get that new column first. Then when you select to download you get the selection index, which you use to update that value in the number of downloads column…

This value i am getting from first screen
this is from second screen
still getting error can anyone tell me what mistake i am doing?

Are the images and downloads variables list?
I don’t like to use “open another screen with start value”
It is preferable to save it in a TiniDB label and use it in the screens you need…
If those variables are lists, you are sending them within another list:

yes both are list