How to create a load more in list view

I have created a list view with nearly 100 items now when i open the app it is crashinh so i wanted to add a load more button after every 10 items and i don’t know how to do it.So anyone please help me with the blocks image.

Are you storing your list items offline?

If yes then try using online databases like firebase, load tags as list.

You can load unlimited list items without crashing app.

I am using firebase but when i open the app it is taking lot’s of time to load all the content in list

I am also loading a list of 300 items in just 2 to 3 seconds. Working fine with me?

Something is wrong with your blocks.
Which list view you are using?
Show your blocks and firebase structure.

sorry actually i’m using airtable to load image, name, and link but it is taking 40-50sec. to load and in smaller phones it is showing app not responding

is there any chance to add a load more button after x items to load another x items so that only only some content will be loaded first

This is the known problem with airtable, it is slow in loading data.

Its better to migrate your data to firebase database if you want a good speed without any problems.

I recommend you to use firebase.