How to create a one time password

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How can I create a one time password that I can use to access a screen in my app, such that when I re open the app, I wouldn’t need a password anymore, I will simply be able open that screen without a password again. Using Tiny DB1

You mean if user open app for first time then it should ask password if user open app for 2nd time then it shouldn’t right ?



Hi, i used the same design in my screen2. I stored email in tinyDB. When screen1 initialize i will call tinyDB to check email tag, if value is there user will bypass to next screen if not screen2(signup) will open…

To create a one-time password do this…
blocks (26)

Store value in TinyDB and use If-Then Else condition

same as explained by @Still-learning

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It is good to show blocks.

So in inputting my password, is it possible to make it come out as “…” rather than the numbers being displayed.

@Still-learning can you give me a full coverage of that picture

@Kshitij I like this, but my challenge is that, I want to sell my app a to class without putting it on playstore. Now the idea here is to save a password secretly on the tinydb and then when a person pays for the app I will secretly input the password and He/She can use it whenever they want without them having to input the password again… Anyone who has idea on this should pls drop a comment… Thanks

Then you have to use firebase. Tinydb will store password in mobile only. If the user deleted his app or clear cache mean stored password in tinydb also will erase. So use firebase component.