How to create a progress while creating dynamic card view?

I’m trying unsuccessfully to put a progress while creating 35 dynamic card view, but I can’t. Would anyone know a way to do this without an extension?

Try using progress notifier.

No notifier progress works, it only appears after cards are created.

Could you show your block where you use the notifier?

This is just one of the attempts, but I’ve already put it in almost every possible place.

I think that you have to put before create card and put dismiss notifier just after.

The Show Progress and Dismiss Progress blocks need to be in different events, otherwise the Dismiss will not fire. Use a clock timer to achieve this. Be aware though that the dynamic blocks will all be completed together after firing, you cannot show the progress notifier over the dynamic components while they are being created. You could setup a new notifier to show after each dynamic block is created…

some example blocks

Our! It worked with the clock. Thanks.

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