How to create a short Intro in the app

As soon as the user enters the app for the first time or after logging in, I want to tell in a few words what and what my app is for. It would be a short three page Intro where he can either browse or skip this Intro. Does anyone have an example and what component does this?

I see you have 4 minutes of recent read time. Please search the forum as there are topics about this kind of thing already. In the meantime here is a hint:

Create your tutorial.

When the user opens the app check to see if it is their first time. You can use TinyDB for this. Check for a variable “FirstRun” in TinyDB. If it = 0 then show the tutorial. Once the user has watched or skipped the tutorial set the variable to 1. When they open up the app next time they won’t see the tutorial.


Some tips to get you started:

  • TinyDB
  • Notifier - Create a custom dialogue
  • Pop-Up Component

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