How to create a table adding 5 values?

I’m trying to create a table that adds 5 values ​​giving me the total value automatically, but when I leave 1 item at zero it gives an error. the table has (Value1 + value2 + value3 + value4 = total)

I’m new to creating an app and I’ve been researching a lot to try to make this app that will help me a lot in my work. but unfortunately I’m not getting past this little problem. Could someone give me some tips or help?
Thanks in advance

What about posting block screenshot what you have done yet.
Hint: before adding check that is all values is defined or not.

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I did this type of montage, I don’t know if it’s the right or wrong. I created a calculation button that I can’t put to work, but I wanted it to do it automatically

What three values you get when bt_somar clicked.
Check all three values in label

Try something like this:

this is the image of the example that I spoke

Thank you, the calculation worked, but when I select a value back from this error.

on 1 line it has 10.00, on the second it has 25.00, after I enter 3 line to put value, but I remembered that the value of line 2 is wrong and goes back to this error.

According to your description, the error is not happening in this block. It is happening during the gotfous or setfocus of the component that receives the values. Have you checked this out?

yea. but I was unable to identify the place of the error. I went to see it step by step and everything seemed ok