How to Create a Video Gallery App

I want to create a video gallery app on kodular.
But cant do it.
Please help

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Ohh really
Then show us what have u created


I can’t do it.
If you have a idea to show video file please discuss

Please , Read read calmly, understand what is written, make an effort.


the first step might be to get all videos, which are stored in the device…
the FileList or FileListAsync methods from the file extension can help you with that


Back in April or May of 2020 I was trying to make a gallery app as well.

Yes I have already used taifun file extension to make a video list. But thereafter I can’t understand what I do. Please help

use for each item in list block to make dynamic components or use view flipper

Dear friend please show me block.

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where are you getting all the video files @Supravat_Roy

I want to create a Video List (with thumbnail + grid view ) from my Internal Memory Storage

use this extension for thumbnail

and to get videos from memory use this
use taifun file extension’s this block
link to taifun file extension-
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Thank you friend

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your welcome!

For the MP4 Block, some Android devices use different formats like MOV and for photos PNG or JPG. If you are going to build a gallery app for the public, I would highly recommend that you create a dialog that stores a TinyDB value that asks the user for the right formats.

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you can get all types of video file name in google if you search for it

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