How to create an app with custom html files I have?

I want to crerate an app with a custom html project I have.
It has several files and images,and I want to know if it is possible to upload the entire project as a zip file, or upload all files at once.
Some other app creators has the ability to upload the zip file with the index.html and the app automatically finds the index.html file.
Is it possible to do this here?

Hey i don’t know what is it but can you explain this?
and if you are not answered here go to appybuilder community or thunkable i think they all are combined group

No, not yet possible, you can add separately one by one and link the separately as per this video and yes if want this, Better to upload in any free website.

7starmedia I love your videos
Can you tell what is your inspiration and what made you to start this field and how you reach up here.
I respect you sir and you are like a guider for me.

i load my HTML/code via airtable and put it into the webviewer and it works goood for me.

I think there is a solution if you have the .html file in your asset forlder. The Solution is made by Taifun i think, look for this in the forum or in google.