How to create an application if there are a lot of media files there?

Hello! I want to create an application in which there are a lot of pictures and audio files (26 MB). As a result, when I start to “build” my application, I get the response “Your APK is ready! 100%”, but nothing happens further. I do not get apk. Not in 5 minutes, not in 10.

What to do in this case? The whole point of this application is precisely in these media files, if I degrade their quality in order to reduce their size, then users will definitely not like it.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Please search the community before asking any question since almost all questions are asked before.


Ah, I see that you also signed up for Kodular. The problem is probably related to the aia or APK size, as Peter said.

Maybe some audio files or images can be compressed a little without losing quality, so that the APK can be created. Otherwise you have to go the way that Peter pointed out or you have to download the audio files the first time you start the app.

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You can also store your assets in databases such as Cloudinary and then load them whenever they are needed. It’s one of the easiest way. :smile:
Do tell me if you face any other issue.


Yes, I just registered here. And I am so pleased to see you again.

I think that I will try to “pack” my application again, since there are files that I do not want to give to users explicitly. So I don’t really like the option when a user downloads them during the first installation.

But if I can’t succeed, then I will try to compress all the files with minimal loss of quality. If the losses are significant, then I will have to use the option of downloading files after installing the application.

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You will be successful. I chose this method for all of my app for exactly the same reasons, because I don’t want to give users direct access to my audio files.

I have certainly done this process more than 1000 times, that I described in my video tutorial, and have never had any problems with it. After a little practice, it may take about a minute.


As I said:


Oh yes, when I opened that link and saw your instruction and video, I thought, “Wow! Is she again? Seriously? It seems that she knows the answers to all my questions, even to those questions that I have not asked yet.”
I’m at work now, but when I get home, I will carefully follow your instructions. I hope that I will succeed the first time (or the second, third or fourth time, since I’m pretty stubborn, haha). I may have new questions, but I will ask them only after I give up completely, haha. I don’t want to bother you in vain.

By the way, I want to thank all the people who answered me here. I am newbie, so I am very pleased that the professionals answered me so quickly. Yes, in the future I will try to carefully look for answers to my questions so as not to duplicate topics. But I apologize in advance if my future questions will be typical for a beginner.

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I want to thank bodymindpower again. I have just finished building my application in accordance with her instructions. As a result, the application has “grown” from 11.5 MB to 32.8 MB. I pressed every button, checked every file. Everything works exactly as intended.

By the way, perhaps this information will be useful for users who use not the Latin alphabet, but a different alphabet. I personally encountered such a problem. When I started saving the updated application, I received an error. I will not publish the log here, since it takes 86 pages of errors, haha. But when I began to analyze it, I realized what the problem was. I give only the first line.

I: Copying C:\Users\�\AppData\Local\Temp\apk-editor-studio\apk{9c1e4680-b525-4227-98cc-d78f37e69f62} classes.dex file…

Note the character after Users . This is the username of my system (not in Latin). Because of this, the file did not want to be saved. To avoid this, you must either rename the user of your system (but corrections in the registry may be required there), or create a new user of the system using the Latin alphabet (this is simple and safe, but in the future you will need to switch to this user when you need to build an app).


Please tell us what character “�” it was with which you received an error.

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Initially, it was the letter П (Cyrillic). But in the logs of the program, it turned into the character “�”.


Oh, and I have one question, typical for a beginner. Since you are a professional who made a lot of applications in this way, then you definitely know the answer to it.

I saved android.keystore and android.ks. I will sign this application if I make updates. What about other projects that I will be doing in Kodular later? Can I use this key also? Or does each project require its own key? If so, then do I have to go to the Creator settings and click Overwrite keystore every time I create a new project?

Yes, I use the same keystore for almost all of my apps.
(And this old keystore dates back to AI2 times ~6 years ago.)


(Note: Don’t enable Google App Signing in the Play Developer Console)

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Thank you again. I have some ideas for a future application. There I want to use elements that are not in my first application. So I have no doubt that in a few days I will have new questions. I apologize in advance, haha. But seriously, thank you very much for your help. You are a real storehouse of knowledge and a very responsive person.

Please ask a new question that is not related to this question in a new topic.

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Oh, yes, of course. These will be completely different questions and completely different topics.
I thank everyone for their responsiveness and help.

Please mark the appropriate answer as the solution.


Sorry to hijack the topic but I don’t know what else could I do. Why not sign app with Google?
This is not a lot more safe since I can recover my app even if I lose keystore?

As a result, problems with keystore / certificate may appear. See for example here:

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