How to create an Extension


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esse extensions to bn gya lekin app bulding ke ye prblom aap rahi hai

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I Got an error “bash: ant: command not found” while compiling java to aix.this happens when i type ant extension in the git bash so, how to solve that problem??

on what dir you executed the command?

You are supposed to use this command:
ant extensions

Notice that it is extensions, and not extension


I tried this also :sob::sob::sob::sob:

any advise for me ?

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@pavi2410 I don’t directory changes something, it’s probably environmental variables problem. @Abdul_Maajith did you follow step 2 and did you set environmental problems?

see this:

Try all the checks written here:

Extensions for inserting 2nd arrangement by removing visual components into 1st arrangement

I want to make the spare components in 1 arrange and make extensions for the 2nd arrange.
Tell me a solution.

Hindi विसुअल कंपोनेंट्स को १st अरेजमेंट में निकल करके २nd अरेजमेंट ने डालने के लिए एक्सटेंशन्स

विसुअल कंपोनेंट्स को 1st अरेजमेंट में निकल करके २nd अरेजमेंट ने डालने के लिए एक्सटेंशन्स
बनाना चाहता हु। कोइ उपाय बताओ की कहाँ से सुरु करू ?

If there is an extension then please tell


Uses Libraries kaise add karenge app inventor source code me , koee step by bta sakta hai ?

Open the builx.xml file in the component folder. Take a look at how they did firebase. That should help. Do the same for build.xml in the buildserver folder

sirf builx.xml file jo component folder me hoga aur build.xml jo buildserver folder me hoga usko edit krna hai . aur lib folder me jar file pest krna hai .
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Buildserver is only needed to be edited if you are using a buildserver. Primarily, just edit components/build.xml

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Dynamic Components Holder

I want to create some extensions like Dynamic Components Holder Such as in the horizontal arrangement dynamically labeled show or can show images, or anything else.
But there is no idea how and where to start .


मैं डायनामिक कंपोनेंट्स होल्डर जैसा कुछ एक्सटेंशन्स बनना चाहता हु . जैसे की हॉरिजेंटल arrangement में डायनेमिकली लेबल शो करना है या इमेज , या फिर और कुछ भी शो कर सकू.
परन्तु कुछ आईडिया नहीं मिल रहा है की कैसे और कहां से शुरुआत करूँ

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I am working on Dynamic Components in Makeroid. I have now a button, label and textbox ready