How to create badge in list view image?

I’ve set the subtitle to allow “html” in the listview image component. And I want to create a badge, but the html and css that I created don’t display anything.


and the html is like this

<span style="color:#fff;background-color:#dc3545;padding: 5px;border-radius: 4px;">Broken</span>

then I tried the code in the browser and it works.

Is there something wrong with the block I created?

I haven’t tried using the extension. I just wanted to try using html.

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Did you enable html from designer mode?

I hope this list view with image block, though you enabled html, (span tag) doesnot allow you to create the style you want… Better you can try with dynamic component extension, that would be better choice…


Of course, I checked the html for the subtitle section, but it still doesn’t work.

You can give style to the text only and not the arrangement(list view image) using HTML code.

So the html style for the listview image doesn’t work, does it?

you can change the colour, font style only

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