How to create bottom design for disable screen touch

When i click a cardview then show this bottom arrangement showed then if i touch in screen then must need to be Won’t work the screen.
Just i can click in cross button like as video.
Is that possible like as this video!!!

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No info found in your video. Somehwere you are clicking and youtube plays thats all. Please narrate clearly, if you dont mind

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just exmp: when i click in a cardview then show the arrnagement "Starting"from bottom same like as in this video “2s”
need more explain boro?:sweat_smile:

Got it… In such cases you should try this extension

🕊 Floating View: float your component. [FREE] 🕊 and define x and y value , simple

If i set clickable flase after that if i click in screen then touch without close this componment, working or not…?

Depends upon where do you set it trigger. If you set it in screen ini, it wont trigger at any place.
If you set it on any button click, after the click it wont

Can u give me a example, please mn…

Are you using cardview or cardview created dynamically?

Cardview create by recyclingview​:relaxed:

R u busy…!!!

With this extension I want when video running in youtube player screen then - disable clickable in youtube player!!!
By any method i want this*-*
I tired for creating this system,