How to create Elements from an event?

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to create an element such as “Vertical Arrangement” from an event or a button.

The application that I want to give you is for a kind of inventory for a store, where all the articles are displayed in the form of boxes. I know there are the list and the listviewer, but I do not like the way they are, I would like the elements to be square.

An example: Something similar to the Kodular project manager.
When I press “new product” a new box containing that appears.

If there was a way to do that, I would appreciate it.

for now there are only three dynamic components, - Dynamic Label, Dynamic Button and Dynamic Text Box you can create them when an event occurs,

or you can make Arrangements and set their visibilty to false till your desired event is raised, once the event occurs make them visible !

Thanks for the comment, where can I find these dynamic elements?


Could you help me use it for the property “It’s a card” and “Use a round card” Pls

if you set an arrnagement to Is a card then its shape becomes like a card view, but it is rectangle in shape, and if you enable Is a round card then its shape changes to round rectangle thats it, to see the changes make sure that particular arrangement has a color, otherwise you will not see anything