How to create extension for this?

step 1:- Download MyAds Moudule. Download here
i . Open your Android Application code.
ii . click on file -> New -> Import Module.
iii. Select the source directory (Path of MyAds library ). & Check Import check box.
iv . Change the Module name app: to myads. and Click on finish.

step 2:- In build.gradle (module:app) add dependency
implementation project(path: ':myads');

*Note : Repeate 3 and 4 step when you want to show ads on multiple Pages/Screens

step 3:- Add fragment in <-- activity_layout/fragment_layout–> .xml at bottom.

step 4:- Copy this MyAdsFragment.showAds(this,getSupportFragmentManager(),,7,3);
past in your Activity’s onCreate(); or in your Fragments onCreateView();

Is this a question or guide?
and if guide, why it is guide , what it has to do with Kodular ? it’s android studio!