How to create his type of loading system

Is this a PUBG Tournament app?

Maybe set the background image of this arrangement like that. Then when you get the value, change image to none and display the value.


You can use Lottie animation for this purpose


sorry, can you show an example of that


Just keep in mind that unfortunately in some regions these type of apps / tournaments where the user / player has to pay an entry fee in order to participate and the winner takes the cash prize are considered gambling apps.

Personally I disagree with that because specifically on PUBG luck is a tiny factor on the outcome of the game. You need skill in order to win so I wouldn’t think of it as gambling.

However, it would be best if you would consult an attorney and discuss about the legality of this type of app in the country you are targeting. This way you’ll be both in compliance with the law and also Google Play wouldn’t suspend your app (because apparently gambling apps are only allowed in Ireland, France and the UK).

how to implement this ?

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