How to create history page using PHP and 000webhost?

HI, I would like to ask for help on how to create a history page in Kodular by using PHP and 000webhost.

I have already insert the database into PHP. However, I do not know how to display it on the history page.

This is the reservation page.

This is the reservation blocks.

This is the history page.

If anyone can help me by showing the blocks and steps, it will be very helpful to me. Thanks a lot.

Just use a SQL query formula

On the History Page run another Web.Post Text with your query like “select * from bookings where user_id=xxxx”, this will return you data based of your query, which you can then parse and take only things you needed for your display.

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Hello, @Batria_i

Complementing the answer above by @Meghraj_Singh
1- Do you know how to insert and don’t know how to bring the data from your database?

If the answer is yes, then you need to study SQL Commands and Relational Databases.