How to create Image list and select item in list view image and text

It works a bit slow for online videos but not for local videos.
I would like to see your blocks.

These are the blocks. :sweat_smile:

How much time does it take?
Here you know the image component so why not use SetImage method?

I think for 20 videos, it takes around 20-25 seconds.

It is dynamic, so how can I use SetImage method? :thinking:

There is a method in my extension to set image’s picture asynchronously.

Oh yes, I tried that too but delay is same.

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Hi @GOPAL_CHANDRA_HALDER, please don’t go #off-topic
If you have a question about a specific extension, ask it there in the extension’s topic :wink:

How can i use this blocks for extracting device storage videos in a list view image and text?any other blocks needs besides this blocks?please help me…

Use Taifun files extension to extract videos from the device storage. :slight_smile:

I use filetools to showing device sd card videos in list view image and text but showing error-undefind…below my blocks and error messege…please anybody help me…

This is how you can get videos from your device.

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I tried it but no video showing by live testing…

You have set ‘with Folders to true’. Set that to false.

I can’t understand what are you saying? i follow your blocks all but nothing can view mp4 videos…

Show your blocks.

there was no mp4 videos in the path so i am not viewing but now i copy some mp4 videos in the path and viewing them…
but Thumbnails not there so what can i do for Thumbnails in the list?
and i also wanted to know that this list just for device storage memory so what can i do for SD CARD memory in the file path?

There are extensions available, like Pedroza Thumbnails extension to extract thumbnail but it does not work properly in list view. You will get same thumbnail for every videos.

You can try VideoUtil: Get some information from video (Url/local), but it will take take time to load all the thumbnails.

can you sugest for this problem?

Read this.

It will help you. :slight_smile: