How to create in custom WebView incognito tab?

i already tried with create new WebView id but still not working. here is my block.

google got i already visited this site

Hi @Jiks_Devloper
You are clearing cache and cookies after loading page.

i tried with both before and after

when i re open app than not showing

i used block like this than still history is showing in google search

From the Android documentation, the clearInternalHistory block:

Tells this WebView to clear its internal back/forward list.

And not the search history which is stored by Google more specifically : the phone web history.
P.S: that might be another solution for the topic question :wink:

than how to i use incognito tab with this extension ?

ok so is it possible to open link in google chrome incognito tab directly

the author of the extension has been suspended in this community…
for questions about the extension, please ask on his webpage here