How to create listview Like this -

Why you don’t search in the community !!!
I’m sure some topic can help you or they can guide you how to do it …

This extension is fixed listview types but i need like this :point_down:


Guide is something which provides you a base. You will not always find something that is exact similar to what you want.
But taking the guide as base, and adding some more own logic you can get the thing you want.
So study that guide first and try to built your logic on that.
Happy Exploring :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Thank so much @Vaibhav you have interpreted exactly what I said !!!


You can make good use of variables, and if-else condition to set the list view colour.


It’s very easy to do that. You just need to experience creating dynamic components. You can go to Dynamic Components topic and refer from there. Also follow as @bestprintsf and @Vaibhav replied.


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