How to Create Magnetic URL App

When user Copy Any link on any website or app. My App Should Automatically get Specific Link with Text Example “

Expected: When user copy any link which includes “” text it should be automatically copied to our app or set to Label

is it Possible?


Yes it’s possible with taifun clipboards extension

Just follow below trick…
When your search page comes just use paste block and store it into variable… and then check it that of it contains http or https then automatically paste it…

I Don’t think its possible with this extension. because we want to get value from third party apps like chrome or any. and also it should be automatically pasted.
just like torrent

If you copy anything from any app… it goes to clipboard…

so, how can we detect we got value in clipboard?

But it’s possible when you open your app… else not…

we can keep open app in background. is it not enought?
I just want when app is running.


Now follow the above trick I gave…
O can’t provide aia because I don’t have my laptop

We can paste value manually but how can we detect?

Just use text contains block

I know how to filter text content.
How we can Detect New Value added in Clipboard?

Suppose a variable last_detected is empty string…

Using clock timer just check if clipboard.paste not equal to last_detected then store clipboard.paste to last_detected and check if it contains or not…

If it contains is true then paste it in your search textbox…

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Also Tried this method but not working. or may be i’m doing wrong.
Capture 02 Capture

Remember one thing time fires will be disabled


Means disable the clock.time_always_fires

okk got it from properties sorry my mistake

No not that…

There are three property in clock…

Time Interval
Timer enabled
Time always fires

When you use clock you’ll see it… just uncheck the Time always fires

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I was talking about this…

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Its Working and Thanks Again & Again @Taifun for your extensions

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